Goodie Bag of Colors!

Herro, all! I apologize once again for my lack of posting. Since my last post, Thanksgiving & my birthday have past. More importantly, my wonderful brother gave me a new art set to doodle it up even more! Markers, colored pencils, I'm still getting used to the different textures, which colors are which, and breaking everything in. Here are some doodles but there are more yet :) Thanks again, Eric! You rock big time :)


This is supposed to be a kitty chilling on a wall with a big rock sitting next to it. This is when I first broke out the markers and was seeing how the different shades looked. I hate it when the actual color of the marker is different from the cap. Throws me off..which is why my rock looks funky. >_<


Flower! :D (All done with marker)


This one's for lil lovebird :) Since my vertebrate zoology class in college had a small section on birds, I've been on a bird kick. (I doubt it has anything to do with the fact that our wedding cake topper was a pair of birds? ^^) I'm working on perfecting bird doodles. yay!

Zoom out of above pic:



Mew mew mew! I've been on a kitty kick in addition to birds :3

First kitty: muddy kitty! You know how cats sometimes will paw water? I've often wondered what it would look like if a cat did that to a puddle of mud. *sploosh sploosh*

Poor Ted; I subject him to so much in my drawings, it feels like. I imagine that after the inital "OMGKITTY" freak out, this would be his reaction to a kitty booping him on the nose. Play nice, Theodore!


I promise to update more often!! 

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