Fruity Fun!

Ahoy! Here are the other doodles that didn't make it into the previous post..figured 10+ pictures might be a bit much for just one post.

Anyways...This next doodle was done at the beginning of last month..the day I did this, I was extremely sick. I fell victim to the severity of allergies that come with living in Texas and my allergies morphed into an infection that had me bedridden. I woke up at the crack of dawn to call off from work and while I sat at the table trying to avoid making a dash for the porcelain god, I tried to think of anything that wouldn't make me sick. The one thing? Apples! So I thought of apples..and I drew apples. (just couldn't eat apples >.<)







Hop away, Lil dude!

This next picture, I did when Christmas music started playing on the radio. I was feeling festive and this emerged from the pencil to paper:


I really love this one. It's simple, not demanding of a lot of color and the holly snowflakes I thought were a cute touch :) Go me! (pardon any smudges you see >.<)


Who doesn't like pears? Who doesn't like snuggling? Combine the two and it's nothing but happiness ^_^

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